Figma vs Balsamiq ? 🎨

If you have landed here and are reading this blog, then there is a good chance you have been using either Figma or Balsamiq for all your designing needs. Its okay to use one of them as a master tool, but selecting the right one would help you increase your productivity.


Building Components in Twig

This year while working on a Project, I was tasked with UX overhaul of a web application written in Twig, SCSS & PHP. With around 1000 twig files in the code, the expectation was to build a component library which can be used easily and consistently for building user interfaces across the templates.


Post Pandemic Crisis - Putting Back Everything in Order

The economy of almost every country, be it a small or big country, has been adversely impacted by the Current Pandemic Crisis. Its effect on jobs, markets, and trade, in general, is well known and is certainly being felt to many of us right now. Thoughts on, How can the economy bloom 🌼 like before


Remote Working - Effectively

I have been working remotely for a while now. Summarising my learnings, on how to make it work effectively & efficiently.

Breaking Down

Remote Work - Problems and Startups

This is the first of a 2 part series on the problems of Remote Work. I have analyzed the state of remote work by breaking it down by the stakeholders, identifying different phases of those stakeholders and then listing out the problems faced by them in that phase.